Friday, February 27, 2015

Blasting Snow Thoughts Out To think of Spring

          Enough Already!!!   Three snowfalls in 2 weeks is causing me to spend more
        time shoveling snow than in painting.

I did manage to get a bit of studio time to paint some thoughts of spring,  I titled
this one Spring Dances in Pink.  I am looking forward to soon seeing the beautiful
blossoms of spring that will lift our spirits.  Hang in folks.....March starts Sunday
and can spring be close behind?   I sure hope we get a mild March since we
did have such a snowy February.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Painting With Joe DiGiulio

I just returned from an abstract workshop with Joe DiGiulio at the beautiful Sunset River Marketplace Gallery in Calabash, North Carolina.  It was a really enjoyable opportunity to
explore more of the nonobjective abstract art.

One of the most valuable things I experienced was the exercise of completing a painting
on a full sized sheet of watercolor paper in 30 minutes or to paint 3   9" x 12" sheets in 15 minutes
and be pleased with the outcome.  This intuitive exercise makes the brain take over and logic to
go out the window.  A great way to break the painter's block and get a start on something really
good on that white canvas.

Joe DiGiulio also pairs with Sterling Edwards to have a great workshop together in Dobson, North Carolina.  Although I have not taken the Dobson Workshop, I have attended 2 workshops with Sterling Edwards at Sunset River Marketplace and this was a good opportunity to find approaches to abstract art that suited my interest. I find these 2 artists present very good workshops for those interested in the many approaches to the abstract art experience.

Winter Fun in the Studio

Winter weather has stopped me from getting out ...lots of snow and roads not yet cleared.  Rather than skate across the ice I decided to finish some projects in the studio and to think about spring.

I have enjoyed viewing the web site of an intuitive abstract artist from Colorado to inspire me to try some new approaches to art.  These are just a few of the paintings I have worked on in the studio
during these snowy days.  I love the feeling of the freedom to explore what paint will do on paper, canvas or board.  It is also a great time to experiment with the mediums that can be used on these surfaces with the acrylic mediums.  These are things I often do not have time to do during the summer months when I am plein air painting.

Hope you too will enjoy some studio time exploring art techniques.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

SPCA Best In Show Art Event

It is getting closer to the annual Roanoke SPCA Best In Show art event at the Taubman Art Museum in downtown Roanoke, Virginia.  It was really interesting to see some of the selected subjects the artists have featured for their art subjects for the event.  When I went to turn in my art for the show
I saw some really creative artwork.

I really enjoy seeing the student art work each year as well as the professional artists presentations.

Hope to see you at the Reception on Friday Night February 27th at the Taubman Museum.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Think Spring

Is anyone else as tired of winter as I am?????   Although my area has missed most of the snow and ice , I yearn for the warm breezes of spring with the burst of color from spring flowers.

At this time of year, I have difficulty finding landscapes that I enjoy painting plein air even when
the temperatures are moderate enough to go outdoors to paint.

My solution is to imagine, review sketches and photograph's to paint in the studio and enjoy
the color of spring.  It won't be too much longer before this spring dream becomes reality
and we can enjoy the beauty of all things new!