Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Painting With Joe DiGiulio

I just returned from an abstract workshop with Joe DiGiulio at the beautiful Sunset River Marketplace Gallery in Calabash, North Carolina.  It was a really enjoyable opportunity to
explore more of the nonobjective abstract art.

One of the most valuable things I experienced was the exercise of completing a painting
on a full sized sheet of watercolor paper in 30 minutes or to paint 3   9" x 12" sheets in 15 minutes
and be pleased with the outcome.  This intuitive exercise makes the brain take over and logic to
go out the window.  A great way to break the painter's block and get a start on something really
good on that white canvas.

Joe DiGiulio also pairs with Sterling Edwards to have a great workshop together in Dobson, North Carolina.  Although I have not taken the Dobson Workshop, I have attended 2 workshops with Sterling Edwards at Sunset River Marketplace and this was a good opportunity to find approaches to abstract art that suited my interest. I find these 2 artists present very good workshops for those interested in the many approaches to the abstract art experience.

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