Monday, March 2, 2015

Ways to Create Texture in Paintings

March is showing a pleasant side today and it is really nice to see the sun and warmer temperatures.

I decided to do a bit of work in the studio, finishing up a few new art pieces, and putting the
varnish on the canvas.  This piece is semi-abstract landscape that I used some of the techniques
we experimented with in the Abstract Workshop with Joe DiGiulio .  While I have used the gel medium, gesso and molding paste with my acrylic paintings, I had not used these for a while
so it was a good reminder of this technique.  It was really useful in this painting when I was developing texture for the rocks.  The mediums were applied after one layer of acrylic underpainting.
The medium was applied in various spots over the canvas.  No specific reference was used for
developing the rock formation.  After the mediums dried I dripped, painted and sponged various
colors, letting the dried mediums catch some of the paints and blend colors .  After this layer
dried I added some more design to the rock formation.

This is an interesting technique to use with the acrylic paints.  Give it a try sometime.

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