Sunday, May 31, 2015

Art Was Everywhere this Weekend

This weekend could give you art overload with all the events going in the area.  Roanoke was holding the 2 day art show downtown but there was also another event this weekend in Bedford County which was on the Artisan Trail;  it was the Artisan Fair at  Sedalia.

I attended the Saturday event at Sedalia and enjoyed seeing so many of my artist friends and
individuals I have met with the art events in the area.  The Sedalia event is set in the lovely
scenic area where the mountains and beautiful fields would give subject matter to paint for
a long time.  It is also so nice to exchange ideas and and discuss techniques with other artists.

I brought my painting supplies and worked on the piece that is pictured above.  I finished it up
with just a small amount of work after I returned home.

Get your paint brushes out and enjoy this wonderful time to enjoy plein air painting.

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