Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fresh from the Easel

The Blue Bench (12 x 16 oil)  began as the plein air painting at the VWCC Arboretum but was completed after leaving there  since there was not time to complete it on site.  Due to the strong light component
of the painting, I decided the bench, which was actually gray, would show
better as a blue bench.  This is another of our artist challenge for the 5 Double Line Painters to complete a total of 120 paintings by early October.

For the Love of the Blue Ridge 12" x 24" painting is another painting that began as a plein air painting just a couple of miles from my home.  On that day, the wind became quite strong and
I spent quite a bit of time chasing art supplies which the wind was scattering from place to place.  Finally, after the canvas became a sail and left my easel, I decided to complete the painting indoors!
I was able to get a good start plein air which gives it a bit of freshness difficult to achieve indoors but working with out the wind as a challenge, I made some artistic design decisions which, unfortunately do not show so well in the photograph.

Happy Painting.

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