Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Challenge of Hanging An Art Show

The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge are preparing to hang the Art Depot Show in Abingdon, Virginia which is about 3 hours + away from our home area and in a building we have not seen.
Fortunately, we were provided the layout of the space so we decided to to a "dry run" by taking our
46 paintings of various size and colors to a space that would be similar to the gallery space where we would be having the show.

With all the spaces marked, we considered size, color, subject matter and interest to make the exhibition work the best for the viewer.  What a challenge!  But in 2 hours we had the show planned,
labeled, photographed and logged for hanging, as well as having all the art packed for travel.  Tuesday is the day we will see if this all worked.....think it will.  We have become quite adapt at
hanging shows but this is one of our shows with a significant amount of art and in a new location
so it does make a bit of difference in putting the work together.

Here are a few pieces I will be bringing to the show:
The Girl's Day Out
The Light  Beyond

A Salute to the Music Makers
River Toys
The title of this show is "Life Along Route 11"
Be sure to watch for the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge blogspot to see other pieces of art for the show.  
Will the planning work for hanging the show?  Stay tuned and I will pass along the  outcome  of our efforts and share any suggestions to make this job easier.

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