Saturday, January 21, 2017

Heart Choices to Paint During the Gray Days

Sometimes winter gray brings more time for the artist to catch up on more painting in your studio or painting spaces but unfortunately, the gray day can also make you yearn for the sunshine and diminish those creative ideas.
Where do your ides come for inspiration?  Do you make heart choices....painting the composition
that engages the senses and fast track you to the human emotions?  Your senses  strengthen your creativity and imagination. Sight is the most powerful of the senses, making the visual elements, color and composition tools for the artist to use.  

When you are painting plein air it is easy to let the visual overwhelm you with so many choices. Perhaps during the studio time you can use the memories of those plein air experiences,and in some instances photographs to supplement  the visual memories to make some different decisions in your painting process.  Think about the reasons you were drawn to the subject you are painting.  Can you help the viewer see the emotional connection?  Are you painting what you love?  If you are, it can give you great satisfaction and joy.  You will see the sunshine even on those gray days.

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