Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Whimsical Barn Yard

One of my favorite memories of childhood was the opportunity to visit my grandparent's farm.  It was a time when "free range" was the normal for the chickens and roosters roaming around the yard and farm buildings.  I would chase after the chickens and the rooster would chase me.  Helping
Grandma feed the chickens and find the eggs in the mornings was a grand chore for a girl who grew up in "town".
Big Red

 Maybe that is part of the thing that draws me to paint the chickens and roosters. In addition to the fond farm life memories, it is a subject that you can enjoy adding a bit of whimsy  with collage to your painting and get the "unexpected" rooster texture and colors.

Different backgrounds and colors for the rooster can match where you want to display your "artistic" rooster.  The painting can be done on wrapped canvas if you don't want to have it framed or you can go in multiple directions in framing to really make a grand statement.
Recently the guys at Goose Creek Studio and Gallery  in Bedford framed one of my roosters and the presentation just amazed me!

Regardless of how you approach painting these barnyard critters
just have fun and enjoy the process.  Seeing these grand fellows will bring a smile to your face regardless of the gray weather of winter.

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