Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thinking about Boats

The Red Boat
Even though it is January, a break from the cold and snow this week
with the warmer weather made me think about the enjoyment of painting water scenes.

For more than 20 years, I lived on the east coast of North Carolina and saw so much beauty in the waters of the rivers, wet lands and ocean.
Oriental, North Carolina is called by many the sailing capitol of North Carolina. Our plein air group enjoyed the opportunity to visit the marinas to paint the boats or sit on the porch of the Bean to photograph
and paint the commercial fishing boats.

In fact, I painted so much water and sky while living there on the coast
that when I left for the mountains, I was not sure I ever wanted to paint boats again.  Water and sky scenes, however, continued to be favorite subjects.  Now after being away from full time living on the coast, I decided it would be enjoyable to paint those boats again!  So I decided to combine the beauty of those sail boats and the mountains as a tribute to the love of shape, color and subject while painting.

Patiently Waiting is a reminder that all of the water lovers and boaters are
waiting patiently for the return of the boating and watersport season.
Nice thoughts to keep us going when the colder days of winter return.
Patiently Waiting

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