Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Expanding the Good Parts of a Painting

During the winter  it is not always the best time visually to find those "wonderful scenes" to paint because everything looks gray or the weather is just not suitable for plein air painting.  I like to take some of the time to look at  paintings that I already had started/or had made a very simplistic to determine if I was still happy with the outcome or did I want to rework the piece.
While "A Path to the Clouds" suited my mood and I liked the
simplicity and cloud movement,
The Color of Sunset
after studying it a bit and remembering some lovely sites where I
had painted, I decided to let the painting talk to me.
Yes, it did talk to me, let me use some of the 
wonderful color of the original painting
as an underpainting....but it
changed course and was a 
delight to see the transformation
into another work of art!

Never give up on a painting or
fall too in love with something
that just might become better
than the original start of the painting.
A Path to the clouds

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