Sunday, February 19, 2017

Playing with the Paints

I was between painting projects, but had a little bit of time before moving on to other chores, so I decided to play with some of the gelli plate papers I had worked with recently.  I picked up one that I thought probably had no use except as collage.  The colors were a mix of splotches of black, white and red which had been applied in no order on the sheet.  Honestly that may have been one of those
"catch the color sheets"!

After looking at it for a while, trying to decide whether to toss it or try it.......I decided I could always toss it after I tried it if it was a lost cause.

I had been thinking about working on a "critter" painting, using a reference from some photo's I had saved.  In looking through the stack of critters, I came across one of the sheep photographs I had taken on a trip some time ago.

Looking at the red, white and black mess of colors on my paper.....I started to see wool...sheep...
and they started to talk to me.  Using the negative painting technique carved out two rather strange sheep critters.  It was a fun exercise and I decided they were a fun piece to keep!
What do you think?  I call it "No Black Sheep Here"

What ever you do.....enjoy it.  Life is to short not to have a bit of fun!

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