Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Big X 5 Art Show

Today is the day we hang the art work for the BIG X 5 Art Show with the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge.  It is  interesting and  a challenge to work on 48" x 36" canvas.

 To plan the painting and get a perspective of my painting theme I started on a smaller 20" x 16" canvas to make decisions on color, placement and options before going larger.

Unless you have a large area for painting and an easel to accommodate the larger size, planning is essential for the large format.  It may also limit the space you have to work on other pieces of art.  These may be some issues you need to consider.

I started the BIG one several months before it was due to be in the Art Show.  This reduced the stress level of having to "hurry" to get everything finished on time.  It also gave me plenty of time to assess the direction of the painting process, put the completed painting away for a while and then take it out to see if there were things that I needed to adjust before varnishing and completing the backing.
This seemed to really make the painting work and the entire process went smoothly.

The Meet the Artist Reception will be Friday, May 12 from 5 PM until 8 PM.  The Big x 5 Show will be at Goose Creek Studio and Gallery during May and June.  Hope to see you at the reception but if
you are unable to make the reception, stop in to see the art from the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge during May and June.

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