Thursday, June 15, 2017

Brushes Optional!

The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge are preparing for a "No Brushes" Painting Workshop
to be at the Evergreen Lavender Farm on June 24th.  This will be the third year that we have enjoyed the beauty of the Lavender Farm and share the enjoyment of painting there.

The unusual aspect of our approach is to avoid painting with brushes !  Why do we do that?  It is interesting that for the newer painter the use of brushes can be intimidating and reduce the flow of
creative juices!  Even the experienced artist who uses brushes often complaint that they
feel they are to "tight with their painting".  So what do we use if not brushes?
Try a piece of plastic card (an old credit card) or pieces of mat board to spread the paint/  Use
sponges ,  plastic wrap or pieces of a plastic trash bag to apply paint.  This works extremely well for
trees, bushes and "dabs" of color in the piece.  Use the edge of a credit card for the straight lines.
How about using some of the "fuzzy pipe cleaners" to apply paint to the figures.  We also made stencils for some of the items in the painting such as the arbor, chairs and chairs with figures to help the painter who wanted to use them.

The paintings above are 2 of the samples of the paintings we will be using for the workshop.
Art without using brushes is a fun and creative approach to painting which allows the participant to create and have an unique painting at the end of the workshop.  No two paintings are alike!

If you are interested in the workshop check the information on the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge Facebook page for additional information.

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