Thursday, September 14, 2017

Plein Air Weather Challanges

Our painting group, The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge, enjoys getting out on a regular basis to paint during the spring to fall seasons usually setting aside a particular day of the week so we can plan and schedule to be free that day to paint. The weather has messed with our schedule this summer with lots of showers on our scheduled paint days but we decided this week to work around the spotty showers and I am glad we did.

It is always an inspiration to paint outdoors and really see the effects of light and shadows on subjects we paint. It carries over to remember these things when we are painting in our studio sites and makes for a better outcome.

Another plein air challenge is to reduce the amount of supplies we carry.  I recently purchased a great little cart which also has a fold up seat that can also be used as an "extra" table to hold those thing you need.  I have worked to consolidate paints using small air tight containers which I place in a case that usually holds lures for fishermen. That allows me to organize and carry more small amounts of paints that I may want to use.  Always looking to make the trip to paint easier and worthwhile.


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  2. Thanks so much for your comments. I hope you enjoy the painting as much as I did in painting it.