Thursday, November 30, 2017

How Can Time Fly

How can it be that December is here and 2018 is just around the corner?  So much fun painting with our friends this year and people to meet at our workshops and shows.  Thanks everyone for all the good memories for 2017!

The weather continues to be good enough that I am out and about taking photos and sketches to work on this winter when the weather is not so kind. I have enjoyed the time inside too getting to work on some things that tend to "fall behind" when summer and fall seem so busy.

County Colors
New art is in Goose Creek Studio in Bedford with some of the plein air pieces from our fall painting trips..  "County Colors" is one of the scenes on the way to Smith Mountain Lake.  I always enjoyed the scenery in this area.

I will be looking forward to some more painting activities and trying new techniques during the winter.
Best wishes for a great and safe holiday season to all.


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