Saturday, January 6, 2018

Starting the New Year With Old Friends

What a whirlwind of activity during December and early January! I do hope everyone enjoyed the holiday activity and visits with friends and family.  Now with the decorations packed away and some what of a normal schedule is now the plan for the January days, I have resumed painting.

With the cold temperatures of December and January, it is nice to start the painting in 2018 with some old friends inside.  My old friend subjects bring a smile and an enjoyable start to the creative process.
Mr. Fancy Feathers
In the spirit of the new year I have used the "color of the year" in the background of "Just the Two of Us"  and the Feather highlights of "Mr. Fancy Feathers"

Wishing everyone a great and Creative New Year regardless of your "color of the year"
Just the Two of Us

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