Thursday, November 30, 2017

How Can Time Fly

How can it be that December is here and 2018 is just around the corner?  So much fun painting with our friends this year and people to meet at our workshops and shows.  Thanks everyone for all the good memories for 2017!

The weather continues to be good enough that I am out and about taking photos and sketches to work on this winter when the weather is not so kind. I have enjoyed the time inside too getting to work on some things that tend to "fall behind" when summer and fall seem so busy.

County Colors
New art is in Goose Creek Studio in Bedford with some of the plein air pieces from our fall painting trips..  "County Colors" is one of the scenes on the way to Smith Mountain Lake.  I always enjoyed the scenery in this area.

I will be looking forward to some more painting activities and trying new techniques during the winter.
Best wishes for a great and safe holiday season to all.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Playing with Scenes

I have continued to play with the idea of normal (????) scenes of our daily lives with paintings
of people doing the things we all do from time to time.  "The Lunch Bunch" is one such scene which involves collage, painting and texturing to make the scene work
The Lunch Bunch
This was a fun painting to do that gave me an opportunity to use some of the collage painted papers I have previously prepared.  I have made some acrylic skins that I will also be using in future paintings for added interest and textures.  These will work well in either landscapes scenes or the people scenes.

Enjoy trying something new or  unexpected in your paintings.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Looking for Challanges

This has been a busy fall with lots of plein air painting in various areas throughout SW Virginia with the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge so I have spent less time indoors or on the computer . You may have followed some of our painting trips through the Double Line Artist blog and the Facebook pages of One Double Line Artist and Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge.

This past week we have had some rainy conditions so I have been exploring some new challenges inside and making some plans for projects to keep me busy when the weather is not as pleasant as
it is now.  It has been a while since I have worked with the collage paintings since this seems to be
Poppy Party
a "winter time exercise" for me.  With the rainy days here for several days I returned to doing a bit of collage. As you see this is "Poppy Party" which is collage material I painted on rice paper.  When working with the rice paper I used a random placement of acrylic inks which were spaced on the paper and allowed to mingle in colors.  I put the rice paper aside for a couple of weeks after I had applied color to the paper to use when I decided to do some more collage. 

This was just right to use on those rainy days that were somewhat gloomy.  I had under painted a panel with light colors of blue and green and again this had been stashed away until I decided it's

When I pulled the painted rice papers out I immediately visualized poppies.....and they should go on
the painted panel..  What just seemed to make a painting so easily...not always the case.  It was just waiting for those creative juices to kick in!

I also resumed doing some marbling techniques and acrylic pourings which I enjoy doing but are
inside work.  After I finish putting some of these together I will share them on the blog and Facebook.

Most of all....make your painting time Fun, Explore or revisit techniques you have not used for a while.  It keeps the creative juices flowing.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Plein Air Weather Challanges

Our painting group, The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge, enjoys getting out on a regular basis to paint during the spring to fall seasons usually setting aside a particular day of the week so we can plan and schedule to be free that day to paint. The weather has messed with our schedule this summer with lots of showers on our scheduled paint days but we decided this week to work around the spotty showers and I am glad we did.

It is always an inspiration to paint outdoors and really see the effects of light and shadows on subjects we paint. It carries over to remember these things when we are painting in our studio sites and makes for a better outcome.

Another plein air challenge is to reduce the amount of supplies we carry.  I recently purchased a great little cart which also has a fold up seat that can also be used as an "extra" table to hold those thing you need.  I have worked to consolidate paints using small air tight containers which I place in a case that usually holds lures for fishermen. That allows me to organize and carry more small amounts of paints that I may want to use.  Always looking to make the trip to paint easier and worthwhile.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ready to start a new Painting

Sunflowers are a frequently sought after subject for paintings.  Either in the field or on the table,
Sunflowers are a lovely subject and our painting group, Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge, may be trying to capture some scenes before they lose their petals.

I have a number of reference photos and use them to develop still life situations when I can not get the live ones or go on site to do the plein air paintings.  A fun subject to paint. I like to use the palette knife to put a lot of texture in the paintings.
A Full Table
I hope we can get out to paint some of these lovely flowers before they are gone for the season.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A New Series

This summer I took a portrait workshop and really enjoyed getting back to painting people.  I do not always want these paintings to be too realistic but give the viewer an opportunity to "see" something or someone that reminds them of something special.
Flowers in Her Hair
 It is fun to do both types of people paintings and keeps me fresh with ideas flowing for subject matter.  "The After 5 Crowd" is a piece to enjoy thinking about those times after work that you might enjoy with friends or a chance to check out those new "tasting sites"
around town.

Of course, some folks enjoy the traditional paintings of individuals.
These can be interesting.

Just remember to keep painting!
The After 5 Crowd

Friday, July 28, 2017

Golden Garden

Today's Painting challenge was to rescue a canvas that I used in a plein air painting that just did not go the way I wanted.  The colors in the initial painting
were just too dark and did not seem to be worth spending more time working so
I put it aside to use later.

Today, with the rain falling  was a day to paint inside so I worked on this redo.
Using the palette knife I applied colors and worked the florals on the canvas.
I am glad I decided to rescue the initial painting and make something I liked more.