Thursday, November 6, 2014

Something to do while waiting for the Plumber

What a day!  It is hurry up and wait!

I was trapped at home waiting for the plumber
who was good enough to work me in his
schedule that means waiting.....
since I didn't know when he would be here.

That gave me a full day to paint so I should not complain.  I had a nice 22 x 22 canvas that I had
primed with wonderful orange and gold paints.
I was not sure where I was going with this new
I decided to add texture and collage then to work
with some ideas as the values appeared on the canvas.  I may still need some additional small
changes to the painting and paint the sides of this wrapped canvas but I was pleased with the results
thus far.

Oh, the plumber did get by to assess the problem but it looks like it will be another day to resolve the
problem.  Guess I will have another day to paint!