Sunday, May 31, 2015

Art Was Everywhere this Weekend

This weekend could give you art overload with all the events going in the area.  Roanoke was holding the 2 day art show downtown but there was also another event this weekend in Bedford County which was on the Artisan Trail;  it was the Artisan Fair at  Sedalia.

I attended the Saturday event at Sedalia and enjoyed seeing so many of my artist friends and
individuals I have met with the art events in the area.  The Sedalia event is set in the lovely
scenic area where the mountains and beautiful fields would give subject matter to paint for
a long time.  It is also so nice to exchange ideas and and discuss techniques with other artists.

I brought my painting supplies and worked on the piece that is pictured above.  I finished it up
with just a small amount of work after I returned home.

Get your paint brushes out and enjoy this wonderful time to enjoy plein air painting.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fresh from the Easel

The Blue Bench (12 x 16 oil)  began as the plein air painting at the VWCC Arboretum but was completed after leaving there  since there was not time to complete it on site.  Due to the strong light component
of the painting, I decided the bench, which was actually gray, would show
better as a blue bench.  This is another of our artist challenge for the 5 Double Line Painters to complete a total of 120 paintings by early October.

For the Love of the Blue Ridge 12" x 24" painting is another painting that began as a plein air painting just a couple of miles from my home.  On that day, the wind became quite strong and
I spent quite a bit of time chasing art supplies which the wind was scattering from place to place.  Finally, after the canvas became a sail and left my easel, I decided to complete the painting indoors!
I was able to get a good start plein air which gives it a bit of freshness difficult to achieve indoors but working with out the wind as a challenge, I made some artistic design decisions which, unfortunately do not show so well in the photograph.

Happy Painting.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Looking Upward
This is painting 3 of the DLP Art Challenge which is mixed media 5" x 7"

Flowers from Randy is the 4th painting of the challenge
which is acrylic on paper size 13" x 10".

I went to the park to paint today but most of my time
was spent chasing the items, including the canvas,
which was blowing away.

Such is the challenge of the plein air artist!

Happy Painting

Monday, May 11, 2015

Double Line Painters Art Painting Challange

This is the end of day 2 of the art challenge with a plein air painting of the Rhododendron
in my yard.  I was enjoying capturing the light and color while the blossoms last.

Painting st the Blue Ridge Vineyards

May 10 was the starting date for the artist challenge that the members of the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge made for themselves.  During this plein air season, the 5 members will be painting daily to complete a total of 150 paintings which will be completed by October 3rd.

We will be participating in various art events during the season and these will be on display for you to see at the event.

We began our painting adventures at the Blue Ridge Vineyards in Eagle Rock, Virginia at a Mother's Day event where we enjoyed the lovely day, beautiful scenes and music.  We enjoyed talking with those who were at the event.  This is the painting that I did at the Vineyard which is a view across
the green fields looking toward the mountains.  I challenged myself to paint a fair sized canvas, 12" x 24", which can be an interesting format but also difficult to capture the light and shadows in the changing light of the day.  Since we had a lot of clouds floating through rather rapidly, it was important to remember what I wanted to capture with this painting.

Follow along and see the paintings as they develop with this challenge and catch a view of all the artist's work on the website ( or the blog at