Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Art Challenge Continues

This has been a busy week with lots of happenings that kept me from doing too much painting.  I did complete these 3 small paintings for the Art Challenge for the Double Line Painters of the
Blue Ridge.

Our painting group enjoyed seeking painting inspiration  and photographing  at the Peaks of Otter this week .  We found some cool places that was nice with temperatures in the city close to the 90's.  We also loved
eating at the Peaks of Otter Lodge with spectacular views of the Lake and good food too!

I am waiting for some of the oil paints to dry so I can add another layer of color and texture for another challenge for next week's submission.

Happy painting and stay cool!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Paintings for the Double Line Challange

The Potting Shed
Reflections and Sunlight
          These are the contributions for this week (so far) for the Art Challenge.  The "Reflections and Sunlight" is 24 x 18 with a complicated
pattern of water reflections that took time to develop. It ia painted in acrylic and is on a wrapped canvas.

The Potting Shed was painted  and developed to give a guideline for
workshop students to understand the process of developing the layers of the painting.

Painting Without Using Brushes

Sometimes brush work can scare the emerging  artist away from exploring painting for concern of
having the right brush strokes or the "magic brush".  It is fun to try painting with a different approach.
Pouring paint, using plastic cards (old credit cards work great), make up sponges, sea sponges and q-tips can be painting tools.
This is the completed project of a painting which was done using
acrylic paints applied , pouring the first layer and mixing the paints over the surface using the plastic cards.

After the 1st layer dried then charcoal was used to roughly draw some lines to indicate the placement of the building, fields and flower beds.

Additional layers were added with color using sponges .
The artist can use as many layers as desired to develop the painting.  The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge
will be having a workshop at the Evergreen Lavender Farm in Appomattox, Virginia on June 27th to paint scenes from the Lavender Fields using this technique.  Participants will be given step by step directions to help them develop an individualized work of art with instructions to take home so they can continue their artistic adventures.