Saturday, November 26, 2016

Creating a new Painting from an Old One

Sometimes I use an older painting as a form of under painting for a basis of a new designed painting. This eliminates the "stark white canvas" mental block when starting something new on the canvas
plus it gives me an opportunity to be creative without the stress of a "brand new" start on the white
canvas or even one that has a neutral under painting with a single color.

  Cynthia Rosen is one of my favortie artists that uses a lot of multiple colored under painting
which glows through whatever she is painting.  Sometimes using the "used" painting gives
a similar under painting benefit.

It can also be complicated if there is collage or acrylic mediums used to provide texture from the older painting to work in the new concept.  This needs to be considered when deciding the
subject of the new painting.  It may be more difficult to paint a portrait on this type of surface;
instead, consider an abstract subject  or landscape until you have worked with this type of surface
to get experience in working with the different type of under painting.
Sunlit Fields

Sunlit Fields was created on a canvas with the surface
that had an older painting which was sanded in some spots .
It also had some residual texture from acrylic mediums.
I painted over with a semi-transparent yellow before starting
the "new" painting.  I then sketched some large sections of the landscape which would be developed in the painting.

The painting has a number of layers which developed from
large spaces of color to finishing the painting with the color and details I wanted to include in the scene.

This is a great way to create.  I understand that even those wonderful master artists used this process so it is not a new concept at all .  Have fun with experimentation and Happy Painting!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Having Fun With Figure Painting

Sometimes it is important just to have fun with your painting.  I took some time for painting this week thinking of abstraction and of figure painting.

  Reviewing some of my resources to develop a composition I found some photos that presented some interesting figures and personality that showed through postures.

I started with a canvas that had some interesting underpainting for show through color possibility when I developed my figures.  My main focus was on a couple sitting on the bench in deep conversation.  I wanted to make the figures identifiable as people but to abstract some of the specifics of the individuals.

This was a painting that also needed more than "just the couple"  to make the scene work for for the completed piece.  I developed  numerous figures that were added but without distracting the main
subjects of the piece of art.

I enjoyed developing a subject that was purely for enjoyment of painting and playing with creativity
with little direct reference to a specific photograph.  Have you tried some techniques just for fun.
I would love to hear about some of your "fun & creative " art.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Lot of Art

Saturday was our day to show our art in Lynchburg and there were about 142 artists showing their
beautiful and creative work.  It was a great experience seeing so much beautiful art, talk with old friends and meet new people.One of the things  I really enjoyed was the opportunity to talk with parents, kids and begining artists about some of my art.  One of the paintings that seemed to capture the imagination of kids was the painting of Snowball .....Lots of texture in this collage and acrylic
painting.  Another painting that gained a lot of interest was Summer's Garden with all the bright colors.  Thanks to the Lynchburg Art Club for all the hard work to make this event possible.
Summer's Garden

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Be Sure to Visit the Lynchburg Art Show

This year sounds like it will be one of the best for the Lynchburg Art Show with 150 spaces filled with art from 142 artists.  This is one of the best art shows in the area and I always look forward
to seeing lots of friends, other artists and art lovers.  I will be showing art in my usual space (#99)
along the fence row close to the EC Glass High School parking lot along with the other members of
the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge.

Summer;s Garden
I have been busy painting this summer...some plein air and some
in the inside cool when the weather did not always cooperate. I also
had some inspiration and new approaches for some pieces from my visit
to Santa Fe this summer.

I hope to see you in Lynchburg for the festival at E.C. Glass High School on Saturday, September 17th from 9 AM-4 PM .  We are hoping for good weather but the rain date is Sunday, September 18th in case we
have to miss the Saturday date.

The Red Boat

If you are in Lynchburg for the festival and have time, stop by the Lynchburg Humane Society to see the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge Art Show at their location on 1211  Old Graves Mill Road.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

For the Love of Dogs

Our Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge spent a lovely evening with great music and exploring a new dinner menu from the Jacked Rabbit Food Truck at the Lynchburg Humane Society for the first Friday art event.  It was so much fun to see these precious animals being so well kept in their temporary homes at this beautiful facility.  We met a lot of animal lovers with the opportunity to show some of our animal paintings at the facility.

I began painting a number of dogs portraits this past year.  This was
one I really enjoyed because her personality just seemed to come forward as I painted.  It was a dog I would have loved to had in my family and so glad I had the opportunity to paint her portrait.

The last dog I had in my family was truly one of my best friends and I truly miss her. I was fortunate to have her in the family for 14 years and she had an unbelievable personality.  That is one of the reasons I really enjoy painting animals......I was just sorry I did not have a really good photograph to work from to do a portrait my "Pooh".  So always be sure you have photographs of your pet family.

If you happen to be in Lynchburg during September be sure and drop by the Humane Society and see the animals, the great facility and stop in to see the art work of the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Playing Around in the Studio

After returning from the Santa Fe trip, I have been playing catch up in the studio.  I decided it was time to paint some water scenes since we were enjoying the outdoors, with boating, swimming and fishing among the joys of mainly good weather and an opportunity to play as well as plein air paint.
" Waiting" is a painting I started from a plein air painting day at the Cove and finished in the studio.
Paddle On was also one of the paintings started at the same site.
It is always enjoyable to be near the water, especially when there is a nice breeze blowing.  Fun to start the painting adventures.
"Paddle On"

Monday, August 1, 2016

East Meets West: An art Adventure

This June I made a trip to one of the major art venues for artists and collectors in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Canyon Road is a site you could visit
every day and never tire of the interesting galleries, artist, sculpture and all types of art.  The unique setting of these galleries, along a winding street with shade trees and historic buildings, made the area very welcoming.

It was a great opportunity to visit with gallery managers and artists to discuss the work that was being exhibited but also to obtain a great art history lesson.

There are 3 major art districts in Santa Fe and we did visit them all but were limited to how many galleries we spent time visiting due to number of interesting places to visit.  If you plan to visit, you will find it valuable to contact the tourism bureau for Santa Fe or, New Mexico to obtain basic information.

While planning our trip, I spent time reviewing my artists magazines to determine my priorities in seeing specific artists work.  I was fortunate to find that Art Collector Magazine had a back issue that
outlined art districts, galleries and a map of the area.  Southwest Artist Magazine also features a lot of information about galleries and artists features in special shows you might want to see.  I also used the web to preview the galleries and add to my list.

I was able to see most of my selected artists, view their original works and study the process of painting some of the beautiful art pieces.  I also was delighted to discover a lot of beautiful sculptures for indoor and outside art. All the art work offered an opportunity to discover and explore artistic creative
work which I am sure will influence my art choices in the future for both collecting and painting.
and painting.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Plein Air Mediums for Summer Painting

Summer is here and the plein air artists are on the trails, in the cities and parks enjoying the pleasure of outdoor painting.  Sometimes it is a challenge to find the best medium to use and every painter has their favorites.

Initially I did all my plein air painting in pastel which is a wonderful  medium to use since you do not have to bring solvents as with oils or worry about the paints drying in the 90 degree temperatures while you are painting. The down side for painting with pastel is the more complicated framing process for this type of work and the need to use glass.  Unless the more expensive non glare glass is used, glare can be a concern for hanging the work in homes with large windows.

I have been working with several mediums when plein air painting.  I often use oils for plein air but decided to give some trials to mixed media.  I began with using pastel for an under painting, spraying the pastel with the clear acrylic fixative and then after the fixative dries, completing the painting with acrylic.  This eliminates the need to frame the art with glass but framing as I would for any acrylic painting.
If I want to push the mixed media a bit more, I may add collage to the painting after I have returned to the studio.  This gives a lot of choices to the artist for work in plein air and the studio. The work can be varnished as you would with any acrylic painting.

Have fun trying new ways to express your art in both the studio and plein air.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

An Abingdon Welcome

The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge had a warm welcome from the people in Abingdon, Virginia at the Arts Depot last week.  Artists Judy Lochbrunner, Linda Schaar, Sue Furrow, Bonnie Mason and Mary Anne Meador are showing their art, Life Along Route 11, until June 11 at the Art Depot.

In a previous blog, I shared some plans for hanging the 46 pieces of art for this show, which was a site where we had not hung work.  Our prior planning worked perfectly in speeding the placement of art, and along with 2 husbands who helped with the hammering of nails to hang in this gallery, we had the entire show up in just about 2 hours.  Thanks to the guys for their help!

Abingdon is an interesting place to visit with interesting shops, restaurants, hiking trails near by and, of course, the Barter Theater.
This is a great place for a day trip or longer stay .  If you are there during the show, stop by the Arts Depot for a view of "Life Along Route 11".

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Challenge of Hanging An Art Show

The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge are preparing to hang the Art Depot Show in Abingdon, Virginia which is about 3 hours + away from our home area and in a building we have not seen.
Fortunately, we were provided the layout of the space so we decided to to a "dry run" by taking our
46 paintings of various size and colors to a space that would be similar to the gallery space where we would be having the show.

With all the spaces marked, we considered size, color, subject matter and interest to make the exhibition work the best for the viewer.  What a challenge!  But in 2 hours we had the show planned,
labeled, photographed and logged for hanging, as well as having all the art packed for travel.  Tuesday is the day we will see if this all worked.....think it will.  We have become quite adapt at
hanging shows but this is one of our shows with a significant amount of art and in a new location
so it does make a bit of difference in putting the work together.

Here are a few pieces I will be bringing to the show:
The Girl's Day Out
The Light  Beyond

A Salute to the Music Makers
River Toys
The title of this show is "Life Along Route 11"
Be sure to watch for the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge blogspot to see other pieces of art for the show.  
Will the planning work for hanging the show?  Stay tuned and I will pass along the  outcome  of our efforts and share any suggestions to make this job easier.