Thursday, August 4, 2016

Playing Around in the Studio

After returning from the Santa Fe trip, I have been playing catch up in the studio.  I decided it was time to paint some water scenes since we were enjoying the outdoors, with boating, swimming and fishing among the joys of mainly good weather and an opportunity to play as well as plein air paint.
" Waiting" is a painting I started from a plein air painting day at the Cove and finished in the studio.
Paddle On was also one of the paintings started at the same site.
It is always enjoyable to be near the water, especially when there is a nice breeze blowing.  Fun to start the painting adventures.
"Paddle On"

Monday, August 1, 2016

East Meets West: An art Adventure

This June I made a trip to one of the major art venues for artists and collectors in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Canyon Road is a site you could visit
every day and never tire of the interesting galleries, artist, sculpture and all types of art.  The unique setting of these galleries, along a winding street with shade trees and historic buildings, made the area very welcoming.

It was a great opportunity to visit with gallery managers and artists to discuss the work that was being exhibited but also to obtain a great art history lesson.

There are 3 major art districts in Santa Fe and we did visit them all but were limited to how many galleries we spent time visiting due to number of interesting places to visit.  If you plan to visit, you will find it valuable to contact the tourism bureau for Santa Fe or, New Mexico to obtain basic information.

While planning our trip, I spent time reviewing my artists magazines to determine my priorities in seeing specific artists work.  I was fortunate to find that Art Collector Magazine had a back issue that
outlined art districts, galleries and a map of the area.  Southwest Artist Magazine also features a lot of information about galleries and artists features in special shows you might want to see.  I also used the web to preview the galleries and add to my list.

I was able to see most of my selected artists, view their original works and study the process of painting some of the beautiful art pieces.  I also was delighted to discover a lot of beautiful sculptures for indoor and outside art. All the art work offered an opportunity to discover and explore artistic creative
work which I am sure will influence my art choices in the future for both collecting and painting.
and painting.