Saturday, October 29, 2016

Having Fun With Figure Painting

Sometimes it is important just to have fun with your painting.  I took some time for painting this week thinking of abstraction and of figure painting.

  Reviewing some of my resources to develop a composition I found some photos that presented some interesting figures and personality that showed through postures.

I started with a canvas that had some interesting underpainting for show through color possibility when I developed my figures.  My main focus was on a couple sitting on the bench in deep conversation.  I wanted to make the figures identifiable as people but to abstract some of the specifics of the individuals.

This was a painting that also needed more than "just the couple"  to make the scene work for for the completed piece.  I developed  numerous figures that were added but without distracting the main
subjects of the piece of art.

I enjoyed developing a subject that was purely for enjoyment of painting and playing with creativity
with little direct reference to a specific photograph.  Have you tried some techniques just for fun.
I would love to hear about some of your "fun & creative " art.