Saturday, November 26, 2016

Creating a new Painting from an Old One

Sometimes I use an older painting as a form of under painting for a basis of a new designed painting. This eliminates the "stark white canvas" mental block when starting something new on the canvas
plus it gives me an opportunity to be creative without the stress of a "brand new" start on the white
canvas or even one that has a neutral under painting with a single color.

  Cynthia Rosen is one of my favortie artists that uses a lot of multiple colored under painting
which glows through whatever she is painting.  Sometimes using the "used" painting gives
a similar under painting benefit.

It can also be complicated if there is collage or acrylic mediums used to provide texture from the older painting to work in the new concept.  This needs to be considered when deciding the
subject of the new painting.  It may be more difficult to paint a portrait on this type of surface;
instead, consider an abstract subject  or landscape until you have worked with this type of surface
to get experience in working with the different type of under painting.
Sunlit Fields

Sunlit Fields was created on a canvas with the surface
that had an older painting which was sanded in some spots .
It also had some residual texture from acrylic mediums.
I painted over with a semi-transparent yellow before starting
the "new" painting.  I then sketched some large sections of the landscape which would be developed in the painting.

The painting has a number of layers which developed from
large spaces of color to finishing the painting with the color and details I wanted to include in the scene.

This is a great way to create.  I understand that even those wonderful master artists used this process so it is not a new concept at all .  Have fun with experimentation and Happy Painting!