Monday, January 30, 2017

Creative Partner Support

This past week Goose Creek owners, Patrick and Mitchell, hosted a meeting of the creative partners
who participate in the Bedford gallery activities.  Over the 7 years that Goose Creek Gallery has been in Bedford  Mitchell and Patrick have been strong supporters of downtown Bedford businesses, the artists and art events in the area fostering the appreciation of creative opportunities for the community.

Welcoming through either the front or back door!
It is always a pleasure to sneak in the back door to say hello when we are in Bedford, check out all the beautiful art offerings and chat with the owners and visitors in  the

It is always exciting to see some of the creative ideas that the guys have for framing any and everything.

Be sure to drop in...they are at the end of Depot Street just a block from the court house.  It will make your day.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Whimsical Barn Yard

One of my favorite memories of childhood was the opportunity to visit my grandparent's farm.  It was a time when "free range" was the normal for the chickens and roosters roaming around the yard and farm buildings.  I would chase after the chickens and the rooster would chase me.  Helping
Grandma feed the chickens and find the eggs in the mornings was a grand chore for a girl who grew up in "town".
Big Red

 Maybe that is part of the thing that draws me to paint the chickens and roosters. In addition to the fond farm life memories, it is a subject that you can enjoy adding a bit of whimsy  with collage to your painting and get the "unexpected" rooster texture and colors.

Different backgrounds and colors for the rooster can match where you want to display your "artistic" rooster.  The painting can be done on wrapped canvas if you don't want to have it framed or you can go in multiple directions in framing to really make a grand statement.
Recently the guys at Goose Creek Studio and Gallery  in Bedford framed one of my roosters and the presentation just amazed me!

Regardless of how you approach painting these barnyard critters
just have fun and enjoy the process.  Seeing these grand fellows will bring a smile to your face regardless of the gray weather of winter.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Heart Choices to Paint During the Gray Days

Sometimes winter gray brings more time for the artist to catch up on more painting in your studio or painting spaces but unfortunately, the gray day can also make you yearn for the sunshine and diminish those creative ideas.
Where do your ides come for inspiration?  Do you make heart choices....painting the composition
that engages the senses and fast track you to the human emotions?  Your senses  strengthen your creativity and imagination. Sight is the most powerful of the senses, making the visual elements, color and composition tools for the artist to use.  

When you are painting plein air it is easy to let the visual overwhelm you with so many choices. Perhaps during the studio time you can use the memories of those plein air experiences,and in some instances photographs to supplement  the visual memories to make some different decisions in your painting process.  Think about the reasons you were drawn to the subject you are painting.  Can you help the viewer see the emotional connection?  Are you painting what you love?  If you are, it can give you great satisfaction and joy.  You will see the sunshine even on those gray days.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thinking about Boats

The Red Boat
Even though it is January, a break from the cold and snow this week
with the warmer weather made me think about the enjoyment of painting water scenes.

For more than 20 years, I lived on the east coast of North Carolina and saw so much beauty in the waters of the rivers, wet lands and ocean.
Oriental, North Carolina is called by many the sailing capitol of North Carolina. Our plein air group enjoyed the opportunity to visit the marinas to paint the boats or sit on the porch of the Bean to photograph
and paint the commercial fishing boats.

In fact, I painted so much water and sky while living there on the coast
that when I left for the mountains, I was not sure I ever wanted to paint boats again.  Water and sky scenes, however, continued to be favorite subjects.  Now after being away from full time living on the coast, I decided it would be enjoyable to paint those boats again!  So I decided to combine the beauty of those sail boats and the mountains as a tribute to the love of shape, color and subject while painting.

Patiently Waiting is a reminder that all of the water lovers and boaters are
waiting patiently for the return of the boating and watersport season.
Nice thoughts to keep us going when the colder days of winter return.
Patiently Waiting

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Starting A New Year and the Winter Season

It has been a whirlwind few weeks with the Christmas and New Year holidays for everyone.  I am sure you were all busy doing the usual tasks as well as all the extra's that fall into the schedule.

Now that 2017 is here we can take a deep breath and use our
winter studio time to prepare for upcoming events, try new techniques in painting and try to develop a :game plan" for the new year.
One of the first things I did was to evaluate the art that I currently have on hand, decide if I was satisfied with that work and if not, could I do something else to the piece to make it a better piece.  If not, I tried to learn from the piece
what I could do with the next best painting to have a good result.

I also think it was helpful to catch up on organizing my work space, refining my inventory listings
and removing those things that tend to clutter our space when we get too busy to think about
those things.

I found that after I did some of those things I was actually to enjoy getting the paint out and
did not feel I had to rush  my creative process .  So.....I hope I can maintain the organization a bit better this year so I can really enjoy all the painting opportunities.

Happy New Year and may it be a great year for art!