Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Sensations

It has been a busy but fun time planning for the "Spring Sensations"
art show with the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge which we will be hanging this next week.  There will be a Meet the Artist Reception on Saturday, April 8, from 1 PM -3 PM at 2nd Helpings Gallery in Roanoke.  Come and "talk Art" with us while we paint at
our easels!
We will be giving away note cards to one of the people attending the reception.  Come and put your name in the basket for the drawing for the cards at the Reception.

The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge is a group of 5 Gals who have been painting together for a number of years.  We enjoy sharing our creative ideas, plein air painting and attending/presenting workshops together.  One of the best things that has developed from the experiences is the friendships that we share with each other and the people we have met along the way with our painting adventures.

Hope to see you on April 8th.  The Spring Sensations show will be up at the 2nd Helpings Gallery
Through June.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Some Storage and Framing Tips for Pastel

Quick Set Up
When painting plein air it is important to have a simple and quick set up so you can capture the scene and light before there are too many changes in the scene,  Pastel is a dry pigment which makes this easy.

Since this is a dry pigment care must be taken to cover and secure the painting in transport.  I usually tape the pastel paper to a solid
backing.  Then when I am ready to travel I can use the more expensive glassine paper secured snuggly over the pastel painting but I have also found that I can use the deli paper secured with tape or clips on small paintings.  Sam's Club has a great deli  paper which is not waxy that works well for me.  Once the painting is covered securely you can stack other secured paintings on top of each for storage.  The main concern is to avoid smearing the pastel but I have had no problems transporting the paintings and storing them until time for framing,

Pastel paintings do need to be framed under glass and with off sets to protect the painting.  Clear off sets can be used to separate the space between the painting and the glass.  Using the clear off sets, the painting does not require a mat.  If you are using other types of off sets such as matte board or foam core, a mat will be needed.

There is some controversy in framing with glass placed and tightly sealed against the pastel. This is seen in some areas of the country where there is little humidity and less chance of mold growth under the glass.  I have tried this technique with no problems arising but I watched the surfaces for well over a year to see how successful this technique in framing could be used.

It is nice to have some options to use when framing pastels without mats  but you should be aware of problems that can arise.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Getting Ready for Painting those Spring Flowers

Our painting group is getting ready for a "Spring Sensations" art show at 2nd Helpings Gallery and
Don't Call Me A Weed
that means getting some of those spring flowers on canvas. We will be painting at 2nd Helpings during the opening reception on April 8th from 1 PM until 3 PM.  Stop in to see us.  Our "Spring Sensations" will be up from April 4 through June 30th.

While some of the spring beauties are showing off with their spring colors the weather turned a bit cooler this last week and, trying to recover from the "winter bugs"  I decided it would be in my best
interest to stay indoors and paint some of those beauties I had captured with my camera last
summer.  Good practice for the days when we do get out to paint.

Sometimes the blooms \of the common weeds in the area make some of the floral beauties just found on the roadside.  Lots of choices for painting during the spring and summer months.